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Relax. Restore. Rejuvenate.




Each facial & peel includes a heated table massage for maximum comfort & relaxation.



"Like a Virgin" 

Perfect for the "first timer," this 60 minute facial includes enzymatic exfoliation, massage & hydrating products that will leave you glowing! After a thorough assessment of your complexion and current routine, we'll develop a uniquely tailored regimen that will take your skin to the next level! 


60 minutes |  $75

Add-on's: Extractions; Paraffin mask

Recommended for: All skin types



The "All-In" Facial  

Our Salon Signature, this facial is all about making you look and feel your best. From the ultra contouring, jade stone facial massage to the 24k gold jelly mask, the methods and techniques are as efficacy-based as they are lavish! An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, 24k gold is applied to reduce fine lines, sun damage, improve the look of pores, and increase your skins elasticity. Finally, enjoy a tension-melting massage will bring you next-level relaxation. Trust us — you’ll feel brand new! 


75 minutes  |  $120

Add-on's: Signature Blow Out; Paraffin Mask, Extractions

Recommended for: All skin types



Lights, Camera, Action! 

Light therapy that will rejuvenate my skin? Okay, now that we have your attention! LED therapy is a skin care treatment that uses various wave lengths of light to correct your skin concerns. Acne, aging, and pigmentation are easily maintained and improved through light therapy. Let us bring life back into your skin with this 30 minute treatment, paraffin hand treatment & massage.


30 minutes |  $65

Add-on's: Signature Blowout

Recommended for: Acne-prone, Aging, Pigmentation  & Sensitive Skin. 



High & Tight 

Nothing's worse than starting to see your age through your skin! Want to still get carded at the liquor store? This wrinkle-ridding facial will do the trick! In 60 minutes, we’ll massage and relax your facial muscles to reduce facial contractions, while infusing the skin with collagen producing, skin tightening minerals. Whether you’re a cougar or a puma, who doesn’t want it high and tight?


60 minutes | $85

Add-on's: LED therapy

Recommended for: Aging, mature, dry, & sun-damaged skin.



Ahhh, Push It  

Please push, pop, and get rid of my acne! Let’s fast track you to clear skin. The use of professional products will eliminate your acne at the root —  with minimal to no side effects! After thoroughly assessing your complexion, we will review and spruce up that at home regimen and develop a schedule to maintain your freshly purged pores. Say bye-bye foundation — no need to cover up this smooth skin.


60 minutes |  $85

Add-on's: High-Frequency, Ultra-Sonic Scrub

Recommended for: Acne-prone, congested, & oily skin.



Glow Up Facial

It’s time to glow up! Whether you’re preppin’ for a night out, or just need a little oomph, this 30-minute CBD facial will leave your complexion radiant! While you basque in your post-facial glow, we'll be blow out ready, round-brush in hand! Bottom line -- this dual service will have you looking fierce and ready for anything.

30 Minute Facial & Blow Out: $90

Recommended for: All Skin Types

Add-On: Paraffin Mask


The Quickie

Incorporate The Quickie Facial as you relax at the sink! This CBD based facial refreshes and revitalizes in record time! CBD acts as a potent and powerful antioxidant and addresses everything from acne to aging, while paraffin lined gloves hydrate your hands. Clocking in at just 20 minutes, this service is the perfect for the client on-the-go!


20 Minute Facial |  $20

Add-on's: Signature Mask

Recommended for: All skin types

Take a Deep Breath Peel

This peel harnesses bio-oxygen power to aid inner-cellular diffusion and cell regeneration. The result reveals smooth, youthful and super radiant skin is revealed.


$125 | Recommended for: All skin types, aging, dark spots, congestion, hyperpigmentation.



Get Your Groove Back Peel

This lactic acid chemical treatment brightens, smooths, evens tone, and firms skin. Provides excellent exfoliating action while moisturizing, healing, and protecting the skin.


$125 | Recommended: All skin types, hyperpigmentation, aging, dryness, & rosacea.



Signature Add-On Treatments


High Frequency  |  $15

High frequency is safe approach to skin rejuvenation, quickly healing and restoring your skin’s health.

Recommended for: Acne, Aging, Rosacea 


Ultra Sonic Scrub  |  $15

The Ultra Sonic uses low frequency vibrations to gently remove dead skin and debris from the pores.

Recommended for: Congested skin.


Paraffin Face Mask  |  $10

Power up your treatment with paraffin! Layered on top of your treatment face mask, paraffin enhances the benefits of  your specialty mask while hydrating, soothing and smoothing fine lines.

Recommended for: All skin types; Aging; Dry


Extractions |  $10

The extraction of blackheads, dirt, dead skin, and debris from the pores.


Specialty Mask |  $10

Add a specialty mask to your Quickie Facial for a serious beauty boost!


Blow Out Set | $40

Take your look to the next level & add a blow out to your service!



Waxing Menu

We offer full body waxing services. If you have hair, we can wax it! Our full menu is available through our online booking app. Smooth Skin is Happy Skin!

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